County of Barrhead Farm Tour

County of Barrhead Farm Tour

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County of Barrhead & Wild Alberta will be offering a guided tour for those who are interested in visiting all stops within the County. From the comfort of your own vehicle​,​ you are more than welcome to follow us on our adventure​,​ FREE of charge. This opportunity invites you to get a behind-the-scenes look at real working farms ensuring that heading out to the County of Barrhead is well worth the trip. Tentative Itinerary: August 15​,​ 2020 9:30 a.m. Registration at De Herdt Gardens​,​ Town of Barrhead 10:00 a.m. Departure 10:15 a.m. Mellowdale Dairy 11:30 a.m. Koberstein Farm 12:00 p.m. Return to De Herdt Gardens for Lunch (not included) 2:00 pm Shady Lane Estate Winery & West of the 5th Distillery


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4HGW+VW Barrhead, AB, Canada

Reviews (2)

  • DT

    A big A for effort especially Walter and Marjorie Preugschas, and many thanks to the farms that volunteered to host. I know it is summer, pandemic and farm recruitment challenges. Suggestions to make it even better. Make a strong focus on showcase agriculture - the best places you can show - sell the quality that is out there in facilities and practices. It is relationship building and fostering awareness and understanding. Dairy - not well organized presentation and there was lots of aspects to explain and point to but the presenter was not heard widely. Showcase more of the products the milk goes to, make the linkage. Get processors and manufacturers to pitch in with some measure of showcase. You missed the purebred animal feature, the 4H angle, animal welfare, waste management and environmental stewardship, breeding, dairy challenges through the seasons of the year, etc. Tell the challenges and the pride in product and business. Might I suggest a stop that showcases robotic milking, feeding, and other technologies. Beef - best presentation, Brian was organized and had a bit of a plan - could be a bit more polished - absolutely superb talk up of the costs versus reality margins and physical and financial challenges. He touched on some technology but not in an organized way. Call it propaganda if you like, I have no trouble with selling your sizzle. Tell the public how it really is and be positive of the quality job and product that is being produced. Don't make it a defensive sermon but tackle the misinformation on GMO, hormones, animal welfare, processing, agronomic practices. The public can handle it and they are your customer so be frank and collegial Barrhead Gardens - lunch was fine but the "starter" demo was a bit of a wash out. There was a practical item demo to be done but it kind of fizzled. Maybe a handout on process and technique would be a great take away. The breadmaking demo at Reynolds Museum annual Harvest Fair is always a crowd pleaser. The Winery stop was not particularly useful. They had gotten out of wine production and the spirits distillery was actually at another location, Barrhead town. Pick your own is not unique and there are others who are making a well detailed business of this kind of horticulture. The County is commended for being a big part of the facilitation but it is a farm and food industry showcase. Maybe get more presentation volunteers through the 30 plus commodity organizations or Alberta Federation of Agriculture. You must confront the mis-information and see the industry as a business that has progressed up from " eat it, it's good for you" mentality that is a bit of a heritage. I realize there are bio-security issues but you really must try to showcase hogs and poultry. These are a huge part of the consumption market. I would hope you can work with some Hutterite colonies for both the well cared for facilities and the cultural heritage story of this community. Many colonies have excellent dairy, hogs, poultry and cattle as well as large crop tracts. Again good effort but a work in progress. Maybe have a portable sound hailer so the presenter can speak to a crowd. It may be that it was due to the pandemic local outings but you had a lot of people from Edmonton. There is an opportunity to showcase the food industry and tell your side of the story. The aspect of selling Barrhead County as a location for home or business, I am not sure if that is a big part of this kind of annual showcase. Business development has their own capacity for trade shows and public education initiatives. My two cents. Happy to discuss the program any further, I am willing to be contacted. Doug Taylor

    Douglas TAugust 2020

  • BJ

    All of what I expected, the Bikkers and the Kobersteins were great hosts and great to chat with. Learned a lot about the new applications in the farm industry.

    Bert JAugust 2020

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