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About this farm

Hi​,​ everyone! We at CP Farms are excited to be hosting our 5th Open Farm Days! This year​,​ we are spreading awareness about a special ingredient you might be using in your kitchen: Alberta-grown sugar! We​,​ along with 200 other local farmers​,​ are growing sugar beets to produce the only source of 100% Canadian sugar! Unfortunately​,​ sugar beets used to be grown all across Canada​,​ but now​,​ over 90% of sugar sold in Canada is made from imported cane sugar. This often comes from unregulated countries that don’t uphold the same standards us -- and this is one of the many reasons why we’re proudly growing this crop! If you come out and visit us​,​ you’ll be able to: - Learn all about Alberta sugar​,​ meeting local farmers that grow the crop - Educational tours of sugar beet fields - Tour and explore the large equipment used for harvest - Taste sugar beets from the field - Learn how to tell if your sugar is Canadian or imported - Enjoy ice cream and cotton candy - Fun​,​ family-friendly games - Learn how you can support local farmers by purchasing #ABsugar22 a verified sustainable product - Learn about other local food shops that use our sugar The day will be filled with fun games for the kids​,​ tours​,​ snacks​,​ and educational activities. We hope to see you there!


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Farm rules

1. No smoking 2. No pets 3. Bathrooms available 4. Hours: 10 am - 5 pm (August 14 for Open Farm Days)


The field is located 3km west of Barnwell, on the South side of the #3 Highway. Signs will be visible from the road and parking is available on RR 175.

Reviews (7)

  • DW

    We had a wonderful, informative tour learning how sugar beats are grown from planting to harvest. Thank you.

    Debbie WAugust 2021

  • LS

    Informative, friendly hosts. One girl gave a great description of the process from picking seeds to different stages of the process. Host descriptions of what happens in the field was interesting. Loved that there were real sugar beets to see and taste . Overall great experience. Thank you!!

    Luanne SAugust 2021

  • LD

    Took our 3 grandchildren there and it was wonderful, very welcoming family and very educational. Left with unexpected swag bags, which the kids loved! Liked that the kids were allowed to go on the equipment. It was a very hot day but nothing was too much for them. Thank you so much CP Farm, this was amazing!

    Laura DAugust 2021

  • RN

    Came away with a much bigger appreciation for potato and sugar beet farming. This farm is a testament to a rags to riches story. Very welcoming employees, equipment was available to interact with and get inside. Very good French fries that you get to make. Lots of activities to do for everyone. Would totally return!

    Raleigh NAugust 2020

  • SW

    Great farm and the tour was amazing. Michel was very detailed in explaining the use of each equipment and the involvement of each moving part into getting food into our plate. Bonus were the fries where we got to pick our potatoes, wash it and prep it it before consumption right away. Amazing experience!

    Steven WAugust 2020

  • CN

    A truly perspective-shifting experience. The farm owners and staff put serious effort into creating a welcoming and accessible environment for all ages to learn and ask questions. As people with limited agricultural experience and heads full of university-educated righteousness and social media stigma, seeing the stewardship and sincere care for the land in practice was humbling to say the least.

    Cal NAugust 2020

  • PM

    During our visit, it became very obvious that a tremendous amount of planning and effort had been done to make the experience so successful. Tour guides were available or we could go on our own, helped by the explanations (and fun facts) on sheets taped to the various machines. We could even sit in the cabs of some of these monsters. The staff helpers were very pleasant and knowledgeable. Those who manned the booths answered questions willingly, even those questions off-topic. The mound of dirt complete with toy trucks, was a great idea for the little guys, and the children seemed to enjoy the candy floss greatly. I liked the display of the different types of irrigation systems--simple but clear. The french fries were great and a nice idea. We are new to Alberta and know nothing about farming, so it was an extremely interesting and pleasant educational experience.

    Phyllis MAugust 2020

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