Range Road Garden Farms/Christmas Market

Range Road Garden Farms​/​Christmas Market

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About this farm

We are hydroponic farmers​,​ located in a warehouse bay on 8th street in Nisku. Not where the majority of people would expect to find a farm. But these days farming comes in all forms. Open dates: Open House (Thu) Oct 20​,​ 10 am to 6 pm (Fri) Oct 21​,​ 6 pm to 8 pm Please ignore the "Request to Book" button​,​ the farm is open​,​ come on by. If you would like to book a full farm tour​,​ go to the "Tours and Events" button on the main page and scroll down until you find the strawberry photo. CHARCUTERIE and TOAST JAMS​,​ CHUTNEYS Do you love entertaining? Thinking about gifts of food this year? We have the jam for that. Charcuterie​,​ a French word for curating a selection of meats​,​ cheeses and breads​,​ etc often to the surprise and delight of your guests. Pronounced shaar-koo-tr-ee. We have flavourful fruit jams​,​ jams made with roasted onions and peppers​,​ wine jellies​,​ and spicy combinations. Thousands of our little pots of jam travel across the country every year for your culinary gifting. We also have jams for toast or tea​,​ and pots of chutneys as well. You can ask for samples and while you are here​,​ tour the farm. WHO CAN RESIST A YEAR-ROUND SEA OF GREEN It is always spring at our farm. While other greenhouses and grow facilities are closed for the season we have benches and racks of beautiful​,​ fragrant herbs for your picking. All kinds of culinary herbs. Rosemary​,​ basil​,​ dill​,​ chives​,​ oregano​,​ sage​,​ tarragon​,​ mint​,​ lavender​,​ and more to come. Buckets of herbs to supply our 'Cut and Go' at our shop in Bountiful Market and at the farm. if you miss growing fresh herbs​,​ we are starting more herbs so you can start an herb garden in your house as well. Those are soil-planted herbs​,​ but if you are interested in growing hydroponically we can help you set that up as well. Recently we started growing herbs for naturopaths and herbalists​,​ like Yarrow​,​ Motherwort​,​ Lemon Balm​,​ and now Geranium. ABOUT THE FARM Strawberries They said​,​ "So you want to grow hydroponic strawberries? Good luck." Can you envision fresh strawberries in the middle of an Alberta winter? Racks of berries​,​ not rows in a field. That's what we are working on right now. Taking the research of many growers to build a system for strawberry seedlings. Tiny plants​,​ set into net cups​,​ behind lights. We see a future of berry picking​,​ year-round. Woven into all of that are also the beginnings of Roma tomatoes. The first few are working their way up cords toward the ceiling​,​ blossoming as they go. Hops Yes​,​ it can be done. We have benches of hops in buckets​,​ side by side. Despite our challenges to get there​,​ we're excited to announce that we have the proof of concept. The hops are starting to bloom. The first few cones are appearing. Until recently it was generally believed that hops needed certain conditions to produce cones. Not a greenhouse​,​ but a bay. Not acres of land​,​ we're 2300 sq ft of growing efficiency. We're a couple of seniors figuring out how to make it all work effectively and affordably. Controlled Environment Agriculture That's us​,​ urban farmers practicing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in the middle of the Nisku industrial park. Not the place you'd ever expect to find a tomato​,​ a basil plant​,​ or field fresh strawberries​,​ never mind 20 ft tall beer hops. Simply put​,​ what that means​,​ as we grow inside​,​ under lights​,​ hydroponically (without soil)​,​ controlling nutrients​,​ water​,​ temperature​,​ and heating​/​cooling. We grow without pesticides​,​ herbicides​,​ or fungicides​,​ all with minimal water. Make sure you plan a visit to Sunnyhill Alpacas​/​Twisted Sisters Mill​,​ just a few kilometers from us. You'll be amazed at the process of yarn making. Great gift for the knitter on your list.


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Farm rules

1. No smoking or vaping. 2. No pets unless service dogs. 3. Farm is wheelchair accessible but spacing around benches is tight.


Bay 19, 1202 8 St, Nisku, AB

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    I grew up a farmer's daughter, with pigs, chickens, hayfields, a massive garden, potatoes, and acres of land. Pretty much a typical small farm in Nova Scotia. So coming…

    I grew up a farmer's daughter, with pigs, chickens, hayfields, a massive garden, potatoes, and acres of land. Pretty much a typical small farm in Nova Scotia. So coming…

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