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  • CC

    We felt so welcome on the farm. The staff worked like a well oiled machine to make sure we had a great experience. We though the vendors, info booths, tour and demonstrations were all excellent. A knowledgeable and fun day

    Carla CAugust 2021

  • AV

    Before heading out to Chatsworth Farm, we had only read about them and watched their virtual tours last summer. It was wonderful to finally see this amazing farm in person and hear about how this incredible family takes care of their animals and learn more about them (we can’t to try our olive farm-fresh eggs!). Thank you to Charlotte for the fun and informative tour, and to the family for inviting us onto the farm. It was a spectacular experience and we’re already looking forward to our next tour.

    Adrienne VAugust 2021

  • SS

    Wonderful experience. Fun for all ages. My children are ages 3&1 and had a blast. Lizzie the dog was the highlight for our 3 year old. Friendliest dog ever. The adults loved it too. The tour was wonderful. Highly recommend

    Stacey SAugust 2021

  • CL

    We had a wonderful day with our kids, who enjoyed learning about the animals and seeing how the farm was laid out! It was welcoming and fun to see as a family. Thank you!

    Catherine LAugust 2021

  • MH

    We had so much fun! Thank you so much :)

    Mieke HAugust 2021

  • CM

    What a great farm experience. From the pop up shops with local products to the wheat grinding, and visiting the turkeys and bulls. Well done

    Caroline MAugust 2021

  • JM

    Fantastic visit! Charlotte was very knowledgeable and the family was super friendly. The hands on demonstrations were fun. The kittens were a favorite for the kids.

    Jen MAugust 2021

  • CW

    Excellent informative presentations by the Wasylik family. A lot of work went into hosting. Thank you

    Colleen WAugust 2020

  • FA

    We enjoyed visiting the farm and my daughter was happy seeing the animals. Everyone on the farm was nice and welcoming!

    Feda AAugust 2020

  • TJ

    Visiting Chatsworth Farm has been the highlight of my year! It was so easy to book our tour time and get excited for the upcoming visit. Google directions were clear and precise, giving us the ability to enjoy a wonderful country drive. When we arrived check in was a breeze with friendly faces and helpful information for our upcoming tour. Alex was our tour guide and he was kind, welcoming and gave us so much insight into the everyday life of the farm. We felt safe and informed which gave us the ability to feel free to enjoy the tour. The tour was full of great information and it was wonderful to meet so many of the animals we had seen through Instagram. It was a joy to get to connect to Chatsworth Farm so effortlessly. We cannot wait for our next visit. Thank you for making the trip so memorable, your farm is so special and we are lucky to have gotten an up close view.

    Tess JAugust 2020

  • PM

    We were very happy with our experience at Chatsworth Farm. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. We especially enjoyed seeing and interacting with the animals.

    Pauline MAugust 2020

  • KA

    Very informative and the information they provided was awesome. Second to none! This farm was amazing and if you get a chance, ask to visit it!

    Karen AAugust 2020

  • BG

    A big thank you to the Wasylik family for the visit to Chatsworth Farm. As retired farmers it was great to see and hear about the various agri-ventures this family has engaged in. The tour was top quality with lots of explanations on the raising and care of animals, growing feed and storage - something new for our city-grandkids! The flower and vegetable gardens were awesome. Again, thank you and congratulations for hosting Alberta Open Farm Days!

    Barbara GAugust 2020

  • MB

    We had a great time. Thank you for allowing us to visit your farm. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if the speakers could have used a microphone. Since we are supposed to be physical distancing, it was hard to hear, and some people were crowding close to the speaker. Some people not wearing masks were getting too close to the very small children who are too young to wear a mask themselves. We know this was not the fault of the organizers, but the attendees. The children loved being able to pet the animals. Thank you for a great experience.

    Margaret BAugust 2020

  • ML

    Beautiful set up , great info, friendly people , hands on experience. Thank you so much we enjoyed every minute of it

    Mireille LAugust 2020

  • JM

    It was a beautiful afternoon to visit Chatsworth Farm for a tour. Having watched most of Charlotte's online tours I was excited to see the actual things we were shown on video. Both Alex and Charlotte did an excellent job in explaining "life on the farm"! Yes Rosie was a favourite feature. The farm store was also a hit! I shall enjoy my cheese curds from the Old School Cheesery, and the fresh garden produce and beef from Chatsworth Farm😋.

    JoAnn MAugust 2020

  • RH

    We loved it! Beautiful farm, well set up, the kids were a little bored with the technical stuff but mom and dad loved it! The animals did not disappoint tho! Very neat to see them and hear about them. Super day! Thank you

    Rebecca HAugust 2020

  • PL

    Excellent farm to visit!

    Pamela LAugust 2020

  • Kb

    Had a great time, very informative and knowledgeable family

    Kristy bAugust 2020

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