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  • TS

    This was a wonderful visit. The family was so friendly and welcoming. We learnt lots about the different types of cherries. The orchard is well kept, clean and perfect. There were items for sale like cherry pie, sundaes, etc. Only one family allowed in the shop at a time so we had to wait for a while. Maybe open up another dining under the tent in the orchard for overflow traffic would be my only recommendation. Otherwise it's a great place to visit. Love it. Thanks soo much.

    Terrence SAugust 2021

  • SD

    What a lovely and well kept orchard! We enjoyed our tour, the cherry pitting machine and our pie! Bought some goodies to take home. The Alberta Open Farm Days tour concept was very well done at this farm.

    Suzanne DAugust 2021

  • WK

    The experience was great. The owners and helpers were open to answering questions regarding the cherries. They were very careful about keeping in line with the covid 19 regulations. The place was well kept, inviting with tables to sit by. Enjoyed seeing how the cherries are pitted. The pie, ice cream and cherry lemon aid was the cherry on the top that made it a lovely and memorable experience.

    William KAugust 2020

  • JP

    Thank you so much for taking the time to show us your beautiful farm. You have something to be proud of. Everything was well organized following COVID rules. Staff was friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. Delicious pie and cherry juice. Lovely field trip. Highly recommend.

    Joan PAugust 2020

  • DS

    It was the perfect tour on a perfect sunny day!! The pie was delicious and the cherry juice a favourite. I can hardly wait to try out the Cherry BBQ Chicken sauce!!! Thank you for opening up your farm for all and sharing your journey with us.

    Deb SAugust 2020

  • SC

    Really enjoyed our afternoon at Sunnybrook Hill Orchard. The tour was so interesting and love sampling right from the tree. Donna & Pat are wonderful hosts. Excellent pie and the Cherry BBQ Sauce and Cherry Jam I bought are amazing! Highly recommend checking it out.

    Sharla CAugust 2020

  • MP

    Very good experience Learned a lot about cherries and there operation. Friendly staff, plenty of seating. Great tour Overall a great experience It would have been beneficial if open farm days mentioned that upick wasn't open yet. But we will just Plan another trip 😊

    Melissa PAugust 2020

  • RK

    Enjoyed our tour and Cherry Pie. Planning to go in a week to pick some cherries to make jam. Thanks for everything:)

    Richard KAugust 2020

  • DR

    Everyone was very friendly and informative.

    Darcy RAugust 2020

  • AB

    Excellent Tour topped off with the best cherry pie and ice cream!

    Alvin BAugust 2020

  • LH

    My daughter and I loved our experience at Sunnybrook Hill Orchard. Our guide was very informative and it was very interesting. I thought a cherry was a cherry... that isn't so. The farm is neat and tidy (which I love the look of a well organized farm - they always seem that much prettier to me) and the cherry orchard was beautiful with all the red cherries. After the tour, my daughter and I shared a pie with ice cream and a drink. My only regret is that we didn't each get our own. My daughter is going back to do the u-pick with her friends which we would never have known was an option if not for the tour. It was a great experience!

    Lisa HAugust 2020

  • SG

    Sadly, I got lost and didn't make it to the Orchard, in time for my booking. Although, it was a nice day for a drive, outside the city. ☺

    Sherry GAugust 2020

  • PC

    We learned about the different kinds of cherries. The little boys enjoyed the mud and planting all the cherry pits. Pie and ice cream was a big hit! Thanks!

    Peggy CAugust 2020

  • LF

    Awesome, will definitely go back

    Lee FAugust 2020

  • CT

    Could not have had a better time. The drive was so fun and the farm well - I could have spent much longer there. Amazing how many kinds of Cherries there are - and they make the most delicious pies and Cherry Lemonade - should bottle that!!!

    Catherine TAugust 2020

  • WE

    Absolutely amazing how much my spouse and I learned about an Alberta Cherry Orchard. Our tour was very informative and Donna explained each type of cherry bush/tree, what each was used for and some of the heartfelt farm development was also shared. She spoke with passion about her cherry growing experiences and the development over the past few years. The area was very inviting with several bistro and picnic chairs outside. Of course, all tour members were welcome to orchard tasting picked right off the tree. Several cherry based treats were offered post-tour with cherry pie and ice cream at the top of the list. We also bought unbaked cherry pies and some cherry jam. I also tried the cherry iced tea and it was delicious. Oh, and the prices are extremely reasonable also. Overall, we very much enjoyed the orchard and the drive out from Edmonton.

    Wendy EAugust 2020

  • PE

    Wonderful tour and great pie!

    Pearl EAugust 2020

  • DW

    My party had an amazing time at Sunnybrook Hill Orchard! Donna and the rest of the staff were super friendly and knowledgeable.

    Donovan WAugust 2020

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