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  • BT

    Had a tour of the brewery and a tasting flight of four of their beers. It's amazing that they can produce such great product in a small space. We enjoyed Colin's explanation of the processes and how they are interconnected with other Alberta farmers.

    Bernard TAugust 2020

  • SG

    There was no Northlands Urban Farm experience for me. I received an email requesting that I book the experience through a different app. By the time I received that email, the event was completely booked.

    Sherry GAugust 2020

  • SG

    Sadly SMS Ranch had to cancel their event, so there was no experience to rate/review.

    Sherry GAugust 2020

  • IR

    Great tour. High quality produce. Learnt a lot about greenhouse.

    Ida RAugust 2020

  • IR

    Great experience and family bonding time playing farmer golf. The chicken tasted fantastic.

    Ida RAugust 2020

  • LO

    We had a great time.

    LYAL OAugust 2020

  • mh

    Thank you to the family of White Treasure Farm. A very informative tour of the varieties of goats at the farm. We loved the experience and took away a pair of socks that will keep a special person in comfort as winter season approaches. The farm was well organized for the covid restrictions. taking away a greater understanding of what our farm friends need to manage. Would recommend this Farm in the years ahead. Regards Marilyn Hayden

    marilyn hAugust 2020

  • DK

    A very interesting farm operation and business. Very friendly and helpful people. However, it was a Saturday, so the machinery was not in operation, so I will need to return on a weekday to see that.

    Dennis KAugust 2020

  • LD

    We enjoyed seeing the animals and learning about them and their care. Our host had a big heart and it was a pleasure to meet him. We were glad to find out about possible horse riding lessons and the quality beef available for purchase.

    Lynda DAugust 2020

  • DT

    A big A for effort especially Walter and Marjorie Preugschas, and many thanks to the farms that volunteered to host. I know it is summer, pandemic and farm recruitment challenges. Suggestions to make it even better. Make a strong focus on showcase agriculture - the best places you can show - sell the quality that is out there in facilities and practices. It is relationship building and fostering awareness and understanding. Dairy - not well organized presentation and there was lots of aspects to explain and point to but the presenter was not heard widely. Showcase more of the products the milk goes to, make the linkage. Get processors and manufacturers to pitch in with some measure of showcase. You missed the purebred animal feature, the 4H angle, animal welfare, waste management and environmental stewardship, breeding, dairy challenges through the seasons of the year, etc. Tell the challenges and the pride in product and business. Might I suggest a stop that showcases robotic milking, feeding, and other technologies. Beef - best presentation, Brian was organized and had a bit of a plan - could be a bit more polished - absolutely superb talk up of the costs versus reality margins and physical and financial challenges. He touched on some technology but not in an organized way. Call it propaganda if you like, I have no trouble with selling your sizzle. Tell the public how it really is and be positive of the quality job and product that is being produced. Don't make it a defensive sermon but tackle the misinformation on GMO, hormones, animal welfare, processing, agronomic practices. The public can handle it and they are your customer so be frank and collegial Barrhead Gardens - lunch was fine but the "starter" demo was a bit of a wash out. There was a practical item demo to be done but it kind of fizzled. Maybe a handout on process and technique would be a great take away. The breadmaking demo at Reynolds Museum annual Harvest Fair is always a crowd pleaser. The Winery stop was not particularly useful. They had gotten out of wine production and the spirits distillery was actually at another location, Barrhead town. Pick your own is not unique and there are others who are making a well detailed business of this kind of horticulture. The County is commended for being a big part of the facilitation but it is a farm and food industry showcase. Maybe get more presentation volunteers through the 30 plus commodity organizations or Alberta Federation of Agriculture. You must confront the mis-information and see the industry as a business that has progressed up from " eat it, it's good for you" mentality that is a bit of a heritage. I realize there are bio-security issues but you really must try to showcase hogs and poultry. These are a huge part of the consumption market. I would hope you can work with some Hutterite colonies for both the well cared for facilities and the cultural heritage story of this community. Many colonies have excellent dairy, hogs, poultry and cattle as well as large crop tracts. Again good effort but a work in progress. Maybe have a portable sound hailer so the presenter can speak to a crowd. It may be that it was due to the pandemic local outings but you had a lot of people from Edmonton. There is an opportunity to showcase the food industry and tell your side of the story. The aspect of selling Barrhead County as a location for home or business, I am not sure if that is a big part of this kind of annual showcase. Business development has their own capacity for trade shows and public education initiatives. My two cents. Happy to discuss the program any further, I am willing to be contacted. Doug Taylor

    Douglas TAugust 2020

  • LR

    We had an excellent visit and enjoyed learning about the farm. Our 3-year old grandson was intrigued by the moveable chicken coop and the highland cows. His grandparents were awed by your knowledge and farming practices. Best of luck to you!

    Linda RAugust 2020

  • AT

    The family was lovely, enjoyed the animals, not their fault but would have liked to see the antiques.

    Audrey TAugust 2020

  • JG

    Having been a client of Shirley's Greenhouse I was happy to finally see the operation. I had not been aware the greenhouse was all hydroponic and I found that very interesting. Seeing the vast amount of planting and harvesting was also of interest to me. The tour was very worthwhile.

    Julie GAugust 2020

  • JG

    I enjoyed the Reese farm and Riser Seeds, it was well set up to keep a safe distance from other visitors and lots of sanitizer was made available. The sheds were very nice and the vendors on site great to see. I was especially pleased to see the involvement by the children in the sale of garden produce and in general taking part in the business of the day.

    Julie GAugust 2020

  • IN

    We took this opportunity with open farm days to visit our favourite brewery, Blindman . We love their products! Our tour started right on time with a most knowledgeable and humorous young man who answered all the groups questions perfectly! We all learned about the brewery and the various processes, very enjoyable. The fun ended when we went back to the front and tried to ask a question of the young ladies about a flight of beer. We were told quite sternly to go find a table and read the instructions! We are seniors so this way of ordering is new to us so we went and sat down and read the sheet. We texted in and asked how many different beers come in their flights. We were told four. We figured out which ones we wanted and sent this in figuring we had this mastered. Next text back to us, we aren’t doing flights today too busy! Why not tells us that in the first place? Holy cow we just wanted a beer! We still love this brewery!

    Iris NAugust 2020

  • AB

    Hi, Sunday visits were cancelled without notice. Visitors to this farm might need to drive an average of 45 min to 1.5 HRS to get there. It would have been nice if a cancellation email was sent the day before to the registered visitors.

    Alfonso BAugust 2020

  • RJ

    Had such a wonderful experience had to go back the next day!

    Rose JAugust 2020

  • MD

    This was our first experience with Open Farm Days, so we didn't quite know what to expect. However, when we booked it said it was an hour time period so we were expecting a tour lasting close to that amount of time. Although Prairie Skies Ranch was very interesting and the proprietor was very genuine and eager to engage in conversation around our questions, we found that it was a long drive for about a 15 minute walk around (no guided tour). We happily purchased some of his organic meats and sampled and purchased some delicious Belgium Waffles. It was just a little bit underwhelming for our 10 year old granddaughter. Next year, hopefully Covid free, we will try again.

    Marilyn DAugust 2020

  • FA

    A beautiful setting and so very clean! I can't wait to book a weekend there

    Fran AAugust 2020

  • FA

    A great place for kids and adults alike! Every time that we go, there are new things to see. It would be a wonderful place for Halloween highjinks alright!

    Fran AAugust 2020

  • ww

    We really enjoyed the very informative talk about their livestock and innovative chicken tractor. The guide was excellent, very pleasant and knowledgeable, answering questions and walking at a very nice pace for everyone to keep up. Thank you!!!

    w wAugust 2020

  • CJ

    We had a tour on Saturday afternoon at the Blindman brewery led by Shane. He was super informative and really explained the brewing process so that everyone could understand how it works. I love beer and have been on many brewery tours and this ranked up near the top.

    Colin JAugust 2020

  • JR

    My whole family thought the tour was very interesting and it was great for the grandkids to see the huge vegetable "patch".

    Janis RAugust 2020

  • MC

    Wonderful. Did not realized that cherries could grow in Alberta, especially in central Alberta. Beautiful set up, could see that a lot of work has been done to set up this grow op.

    MYRON CAugust 2020

  • SC

    Very friendly and nice! My girls loved the goats and the horses

    Sylvia CAugust 2020

  • MS

    Really enjoyed this place! informative tour, and got to try some delicious liquor, and by trying them, we could pick what we wanted to buy to take home!

    Melanie SAugust 2020

  • MS

    Very beautiful spot, enjoyed walking around the farm, and picking carrots to feed the goats! Also was able to pick some raspberries and enjoy them.

    Melanie SAugust 2020

  • NL

    DNA Gardens did not disappoint. I have wanted to get out there for a long time, so it was nice to finally make that happen. Enjoyed the tour through the vineyard as they explained everything to us about the history of the farm, the growth cycles, etc. Great couple of hours spent, so worth it.

    Nicole LAugust 2020

  • NL

    our visit at Hard Hels Hops was brilliant. Loved learning about the growth process for hops. Great atmosphere with music, food and of course beer! Could have stayed there all afternoon.

    Nicole LAugust 2020

  • MN

    Great Farm!. Great Setup. Loved the Goats and Horses! Kids had a blast! Owners were very friendly! Had a bunch of berries as well! Delicious! Will try this open farm thing again next year!. Thanks for a great Sunday!

    Mubashar NAugust 2020

  • NL

    The Garlic Goodness visit was awesome. I learned so much about growing garlic and our host was amazing. Our experience with the online management of booking through Open Farm Days was not stellar however! Everywhere we went they did not have us on any lists that we had reserved. Everyone else was in the same situation, so we were not alone, but the hosts made the best of it. Very thankful for their flexibility.

    Nicole LAugust 2020

  • RH

    Very nice surroundings and enjoyable to visit. Very informative. However, distilary is no longer at this location.

    Russel HAugust 2020

  • KK

    Sweet Winery! I wish I had known to show up earlier and catch the awesome musician playing. They should announce when the next tour is starting however, as we almost missed it.

    Kelly KAugust 2020

  • JG

    This was a great experience for our whole family. The owners were awesome! They were very welcoming and provided lots of information and answered all of our questions. It was apparent they put pride in what they do and as hosts of this event. Thank you so much my daughter is not going to forget this day.

    Jamie GAugust 2020

  • DL

    Great little farm. Lots of pigs and chickens to see. People were very friendly and willing to answer questions. Great experience.

    David LAugust 2020

  • DW

    Overall, the experience at Trails End Beef was top notch. Tyler and Rachel are tremendous hosts and spent quality time with each and every guest. They explained their operation in detail and enthusiastically answered all our questions. They are great story tellers as well and made my wife and I feel at home. It was a good opportunity for city folk to experience what a ranch is all about and the lunch was awesome to boot. We will definitely attend again next year. Dale and Karen Wilson

    Dale WAugust 2020

  • SD

    The hosts were lovely, they offered winery tours, wine tastings and had the animals out for people to feed and pet. As well, they had some other awesome local vendors 😁

    Stefanie DAugust 2020

  • FD

    Great experience for our two grandchildren, was a field trip for the kids and they really enjoyed the moderator and the information she gave........ including eating the fresh picked carrots from the field. The grandparents also learned a few things about the greenhouse way of growing vegetables. Forest

    Forest DAugust 2020

  • SC

    Lovely farm. Lovely people. Thanks for a great afternoon. 😊

    Selena CAugust 2020

  • KD

    Thank you for letting us see your winery! We loved the live music, ambiance, sellers and BBQ. Also got to sample a few tasty wines! The only thing is social distancing inside the building during the tour was nearly non existent and it would have been better if only a set number of people were allowed in. Thanks again!

    Karin DAugust 2020

  • KD

    Thank you so much for the positive farm experience! It was so much fun to pick our own veggies right out of the ground and go berry picking. Your farm is so gorgeous and serene. The tractor ride was fun. We hope to see more historic info about mennonites in the area next time but enjoyed chatting with the people there for history. :) Thank you!!

    Karin DAugust 2020

  • BF

    There were so many friendly people there to offer support, and so much to do, it was a wonderful visit. We picked and ate berries, had a hotdog and drink, saw goats and horses, went on a wagon ride, and explored the grounds- all right in Sherwood Park. A great farm.

    Brittany FAugust 2020

  • BF

    we loved seeing the pig, chickens and turkeys. we didnt see the cow and were a bit confused about where we could go.

    Brittany FAugust 2020

  • SR

    The information imparted about the care of the goats and how the goat's hair is processed into yarn was beneficial to anyone interested in either the goats or the yarn spun from the hair of these goats.

    Sherri RAugust 2020

  • EB

    Wonderful experience. The meat we purchased was incredible. Highly recommend a visit.

    Elvira BAugust 2020

  • MC

    We had so much fun! My 1.5 yo loved everything, esp the cart ride and trampoline lol. Everyone was so friendly and kind. We appreciate the full bathroom with running water to wash our hands! Highly recommend, and thanks a lot! Keep up the great work!

    Maggie CAugust 2020

  • SO

    We had a wonderful day at the Mennonite Heritage Farm. We were treated to a fun and informative wagon ride and our three year old granddaughter was thrilled to be able to see the animals and feed the goats. Thanks for a great afternoon.

    Sean OAugust 2020

  • IB

    It was such a fun experience for our family. Loved Shirley's tour, explanations, stories and how engaging she was. Great selection of produce and I wish we would have got more!

    Ioana BAugust 2020

  • KF

    Our family enjoyed our tour of the cherry orchard. We learned so much, felt safe and comfortable. We loved being able to take some delicious cherries home to enjoy too. Thank you for taking the time to share your inspiring farm.

    Karri-ann FAugust 2020

  • IB

    Such a great day at DNA Gardens! It was very well organised, plenty of directions and instructions on what to do. Dave and his wife were great hosts on the tractor ride and been able to purchase all the goodies was the best. Looking forward to their wine tastings in September, we will be back for sure!

    Ioana BAugust 2020

  • AP

    This was such a cool experience for my wife, myself, and our two young children. It’s very interesting to see where our food comes from and we value this education for our children (and ourselves). The hosts were very welcoming and we are grateful they opened up their farm to us. This was our first experience with Shirleys Greenhouses and Alberta Open Farm Days, but it will certainly not be our last! Thank you so much.

    Adam PAugust 2020

  • DR

    Looks like a lovely place to visit in in normal times... today we came for the farm fresh produce and their wasn't any.

    Deanne RAugust 2020

  • DR

    Lovely grounds, friendly staff/family. Nice mini art trade show in the open area. We were disappointed that the scheduled bookings were no respected..... couldn't get on the winery tour as arranged.

    Deanne RAugust 2020

  • MB

    The baby chicks were adorable, the children enjoyed playing with them so much! The hosts were very friendly and explained everything. Thank you for thoughtful details like bean-filled sand-box with construction toys in it! Special thanks for the cool pedal-cars, they were fun to drive.

    Marina BAugust 2020

  • MB

    The museum of First Nations artifacts is a real pearl, very interesting collection, precious items, great tour, thanks to John, it needs more space though. The horse-drawn vehicles ride was a hit. The animals were a lot of fun to watch. The people working there are enthusiastic and friendly, especially the horse drivers. The territory is a bit rough though, not exactly safe. There were some quite large holes in the ground including one 1-foot diameter man-made hole next to the horses space that had no signage to warn people.

    Marina BAugust 2020

  • AD

    At no point during our visit were we greated by anyone. We were left just to wonder aimlessly with not much to see. It was all quite run down and took 5 minutes to see it all. Would not recommend to anyone.

    Alyssa DAugust 2020

  • DF

    Wonderful experience , very friendly knowledgeable family. The food was 5 star highly recommend .

    Debbie FAugust 2020

  • RF

    lot's of fun. The tractor tour was informative and enjoyable. A farm with a variety of crops and animals.

    Ramona FAugust 2020

  • RF

    Very good tour, lot's of information. I enjoyed all of the artists booths and the entertainment.

    Ramona FAugust 2020

  • CP

    Very interesting tour.

    Caroline PAugust 2020

  • WI

    Thank you for a pleasant afternoon! The farm is absolutely beautiful and the people were friendly. Note: it is not a Mennonite community, but a traditional farm. We got a tractor tour of the lands, picked rasperries, could pick up a snack and saw lovely vintage cars.

    Wendy IAugust 2020

  • AS

    We picked raspberries, fed the goats, swung on the swings, and enjoyed some pizza. Thanks for the hospitality! We didn't take a ride behind the tractor though, because it seemed like social distancing wasn't being followed consistently. (Although we didn't ask about this due to our own time constraints and enjoying other activities.)

    Alex SAugust 2020

  • MS

    Great experience

    Mary SAugust 2020

  • MS

    Beautiful grounds, friendly people. Wonderful experience. Thank you!!

    Mary SAugust 2020

  • NN

    Would advise to keep times prompt for tours (or announce them). Overall great experience and really cute!

    Nimrit NAugust 2020

  • LP

    Our visit was very enjoyable Thank you.

    Lorraine PAugust 2020

  • RD

    Drove an hour from Calgary. Found the gate to the farm with a sign "Sold Out". Would have appreciated an email alert. I imagine the owner or BOFD would have been notified. Very disappointing.

    Remi DAugust 2020

  • JH

    Thank you for sharing your farm and story with us. I hope you are on the tour again next year - i cant wait to see the progress made. love the chicken tractor!

    Jill HAugust 2020

  • JH

    what a wonderful family operation. It is so inspiring to see people work in harmony with nature to produce a great wine. I am recommending this winery to all my friends.

    Jill HAugust 2020

  • sP

    Very good place to be visit. We had fun picking up potatoes, Onion, carrots

    sanjay PAugust 2020

  • DW

    Very friendly people, nice place. Interesting tour, now I want to plant cherries as a hedge

    Diane WAugust 2020

  • MF

    We ended up not going, when we arrived it was a line of vehicles trying to get in and lines of people at the stalls. Not impressed that this many people were there. We booked a time slot for a reason.

    Miranda FAugust 2020

  • VJ

    Wonderful experience. They were very organized, had good activities, could accommodate all of us. Highly recommended. I would recommend this farm and their products. We will be back.

    Victor JAugust 2020

  • VJ

    Completely Unacceptable. The farm gates were locked, the sign said closed, Sunday cancelled. The owner came down to let another couple in that had phoned them directly. She said AB Open farms had overbooked them. There was no one else there, or on the roads in or out except her one private booking. When we pointed out we had a reservation she said the one vehicle behind us had phoned her directly, and told us to let them by. We pointed out that we had come a long way and she said “take it up with Open Farm, and let the private booking behind past”. We left. No one else was there.

    Victor JAugust 2020

  • ME

    I booked and confirmed a tour then a few days later received a request to rebook with Northlands. By the time I went to rebook it was sold out so I never had the tour.

    Maureen EAugust 2020

  • CB

    Great experience and great hosts. Veggies taste delicious

    Claudia BAugust 2020

  • JM

    We love Barr Estates and their wine!! Our second year attending Open Farm Days and we love the vendors they have as well as we loved feeding the farm animals this year! We cant say enough about our love of Barr Estates... and their wine!!!

    Jenn MAugust 2020

  • SB

    I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t receive an email or anything to let me know that all Sunday bookings were cancelled. We drove all the way down from Edmonton for our 11am to find the gates locked. Communication would have been appreciated. What was the point of booking? We saw at least three other groups drive up the gate with the same experience. If they had notified us of the cancellation we could have at least saved the hour Drivetime and booked someone else.

    Suzi BAugust 2020

  • JN

    One of the most fun days!!! A horse ride, some mini golf

    Jeanette NAugust 2020

  • ST

    It was a wonderful experience for my daughter and I. She is a fan of Highland cows and we learn so much more about farming and sustainability. We look forward to visiting Hartell Homestead again.

    Suzanne TAugust 2020

  • TT

    Our day at Barr Estate Winery was a great time! Everyone was so nice and a lot of fun. We loved the animals and wow, the wine was incredible. We bought two bottles to take home and would definitely recommend farm days happen more often!

    Tracey TAugust 2020

  • BM

    The tour was fantastic! We were impressed with the work that went into a well managed farm experience - so organized and well staffed. Came away with a whole lot of our questions answered and more. Wishing you a great business future. Bob & Barb

    Barb MAugust 2020

  • EA

    We had a great visit. We learned a few things. They have great endeavour here all the best to them.

    Elizabeth AAugust 2020

  • CH

    Our family loved seeing the growing operation at Shirley's Greenhouse and learning a bit more about the care they take to grow such delicious vegetables!

    Carolyn HAugust 2020

  • KB

    This farm was so welcoming and allowed a lot of free exploration. The berry patch and wagon ride were favourites for my kids and the lunch was also very generous.

    Kelly BAugust 2020

  • MC

    Drove from Calgary to find out that we were cancelled. Farmer came to gate to let 1 vehicle in and told us that Alberta Farm Tours was only supposed to accept 1 booking per hour - sorry. There was at least 3 other vehicles that we saw who also had this happen to them. Very disappointed

    Mary CAugust 2020

  • BL

    Our family had a fantastic time!!! The twins loved your horses and your beautiful farm. Everyone was friendly and extremely helpful. Us city folks had a marvellous visit. Thank you Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

    Bill LAugust 2020

  • LG

    Very informative and interesting. We learned a great deal and appreciate it for sharing his knowledge and opening up his farm to us. We also purchased some produce which was amazing.

    Louie GAugust 2020

  • CK

    Farm was nice, antique store was not open as advertised and we drove quite a way to get there, so was a bit disappointing. We understand closure due to Covid but would have liked to know ahead of time.

    Connie & Greg KAugust 2020

  • CK

    Loved it! Lorraine was really friendly and informative.

    Connie & Greg KAugust 2020

  • BM

    Knowledgeable staff, well organized, welcoming.

    Bruce MAugust 2020

  • BM

    We understand all farms are different and we have been attending this annual event we anticipation for 5 years now, however, this was the most unkept farm that we have seen in all the years we have been doing this event. Animals will defecate, and it is near impossible to clean all of it up on a farm setting, it was clear that there was no effort to clean up the manure and the stench proved this. The chicken coop was caked in poop, which looked like it was never cleaned. After witnessing this farm (ranch), I am concerned over the vetting process that Farm Days has in obtaining farms. I understand it would be difficult to find farms that would allow hoards of people to tramp all over the yards, but there needs to be a concern if this is the appropriate way to demonstrate what farms do in a positive and healthy way. This farm was more of a hobby farm with a variety of chickens, some turkeys, and a few pigs. The manure left in the yard could have been from a cow or horse, but that animal was not present.

    Bernard MAugust 2020

  • NT

    Great experience! So many fun activities, especially for the kids. This was the most hands-on farm that we attended during open farm days. Everyone in our group loved it!

    Nicole TAugust 2020

  • AG

    Great tour. Great beer.

    Angela GAugust 2020

  • YB

    A wonderful morning filled with great information and friendly people. Really enjoyed the tour, being introduced to the land, the plans for expansion and meeting the animals. Particularly enjoyed hearing the personal side of the story, all the why’s and how’s. Thank you!

    Yvonne BAugust 2020

  • MB

    There was nothing to see. They offered golf, but no tours of the farm. Lunch was available but not until noon, so we missed it because we were scheduled from 11 till noon, but because there was nothing to do, we left. Disappointing. No communication between Farmsy and Four Sisters.

    Monica BAugust 2020

  • NT

    Was not very well organized.

    Nelly TAugust 2020

  • LB

    We had a great time. Feeding the calves was a huge highlight for the girls.

    Lorae BAugust 2020

  • DE

    I was expecting to go to a farm to look around but there was no where to really look around other than the golf which we were not interested in I would not go back

    Dan EAugust 2020

  • DW

    Interesting, informative. Our hosts were very gracious and ensured everyone interested was taken on tours and all questions answered.

    Darrell WAugust 2020

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