Hello, I'm Gary and Cynthia S.

My partner, Gary, and I have been ranching Plains Bison since 1997. We started our operation with 9 heifer calves and grew to over 200. We currently have scaled back and are running 35 bison cows and 2 Bison bulls. We opened our on farm store in 2000. We expanded to a bigger shop with meat handling capabilities. We provide all natural bison products to both humans and their pets. We are AHS approved facility along with all our products are provincially and federal inspected. We host many different countries through different tour companies. We can accommodate up to 100 people on a tour. We have hosted many schools and have been lucky enough to be featured on the Food Network show "Pitchin" with Chef Lynn Crawford also featured on Farm Fresh for Shaw TV. We encourage folks to come out and see our operation and how well we love and treat our bison. It is a real thrill and a great memory keepsake to get up to the most majestic bison ever.

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