Hello, I'm Tim and Lorianne H.

We are a 5th generation family-run farm in Central Alberta; NW of Eckville. We grow certified organic grass finished beef, pastured chickens, pastured eggs, pastured pork, ducks, and bees. We value good health and strong relationships while we work to improve our land so that our land can produce nutrient-dense food. We love to turn customers into friends.

Reviews from Guests (4)

  • DB

    Great day with great people. It was so nice to show our children where there food comes from. I love this family and the local food they provide for our family. Thank you for your great hospitality! Excited to go again next year.

    Donovan BAugust 2021

  • DF

    I grew up on a farm but wanted to show my city relatives what goes into farming and how our food is raised. They enjoyed it very much, and I was quite impressed with how you are using organic practices to raise sustainable food that is also kind to the environment and works with nature to keep the land fertile and productive without the use of pesticides, herbicides, etc. This is much the way my dad and grandparents farmed in the early 20th century until they left the farm in the late 1960's early 1970's. Keep up the good work and may your farm continue to be a showcase for how it can be done!

    Darlene FAugust 2021

  • TC

    Thanks for opening up your farm this past weekend. We liked the variety of booths that were also involved. Loved seeing the pigs lounging in the mud, the chickens sneaking through the fence mesh, and the chicken walking around with an egg coming out the back end!! The kittens and mama cat bringing back a mouse made for a fantastic finish!

    Theresa CAugust 2021

  • RB

    We were greeted with smiles and felt very welcome at the farm, the tours were informative and fun , the food was delicious the animals were playful ( farms kittens a kid favourite) I highly recommend bringing kids to experience a working farm , I was so glad We went

    Randy BAugust 2021

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